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What Is Bodily Injury Liability Auto Insurance?


A sudden auto accident causes personal injuries, and auto damage, and could leave the at-fault driver in serious trouble if they don’t have adequate auto insurance. When buying insurance, all states require auto owners to have bodily injury liability insurance along with their auto liability insurance. Auto insurance is a necessary safeguard for everyone, and the right coverage can prevent an accountable driver from facing a personal injury lawsuit. Learn what bodily injury liability auto insurance is and how to protect yourself and your assets.  

What are the Basics of the Insurance?

Essentially, bodily injury liability coverage pays for costs incurred because of an accident the auto owner caused. The policies pay for medical expenses related to injuries sustained in the accident, and if the victim sustained any auto repair costs, they get coverage through the insurance. 

Auto liability coverage is the lowest insurance level acceptable through most state mandates. It includes bodily injury liability coverage according to the state’s requirements, and if the auto owner doesn’t comply with this minimum they could incur fines. Review bodily injury liability coverage by contacting a trusted company that offers auto insurance services

What Medical Expenses Are Covered?

Auto accident victims get insurance coverage for the injuries that happened during the accident only. How severe the injuries are defines if the person needs supplementary medical care like physical therapy, corrective surgeries, or even psychiatric care from trauma. The policyholder files a claim through their insurer for the victim’s medical costs, and the victim must provide invoices from all doctors who provided care for these auto accident injuries. 

Coverage for Legal Fees 

The at-fault driver’s car insurance provides payments for legal fees if the victim files a legal claim against them. There are limitations on how much the policy pays for these legal services, but the policyholder can avoid high fees for attorneys and countersuits against victims who contributed to the accident. 

Lost Wages Incurred by the Victim

If the victim lost wages because of their accident injuries, the insurance policy offers replacement wages. However, the injuries must prevent the person from doing any work, including light duty, or the insurance carrier might deny the claim. The injured party must provide a financial statement from their employer to the insurer to get coverage. Speak to an insurance company in Fresno, CA, about wage replacement coverage 

Coverage for Pain and Suffering or Trauma

Severe injuries that cause permanent losses, such as a loss of limb or bodily function, might require payments for pain and suffering. If a victim develops driving anxiety after the accident, they’ll need therapy and psychiatric services. Some bodily injury liability insurance offers payment for these medical services. Talk to agents at Academy West Insurance and find out about pain and suffering coverage. 

Funeral Expenses After a Fatality

If the victim dies, their family incurs hefty funeral costs, and if the victim didn’t have life insurance, these costs could become overwhelming. Bodily injury liability coverage offers funeral expenses when a victim dies because of their accident injuries. 

Understanding Limitations of Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage imposes limits on how much the insurer pays after an accident. Typically, there is a minimum coverage amount for a single injury accident and a maximum when more than one person is injured. However, the maximum coverage amount is all that the policyholder has available to pay medical expenses and auto repair costs for the victim. These limitations could prevent the policyholder from getting enough coverage for a major accident that they caused. 

Assessing Risks and Choosing Coverage Limits

How often the auto owner drives plays a role in calculating coverage amounts. If they drive in high-traffic areas there is a greater risk of an accident, and they might need more protection. These bodily injury liability policies do not cover the auto owner’s vehicle or any of their expenses, and the owner might want to increase their coverage level to protect themselves from financial losses. 

Since the insurance has strict limits, auto owners that drive their vehicles more often need a higher coverage amount. For instance, if they travel for work or leisure, they should increase the minimum and maximum for the bodily injury liability insurance amounts. 

Where to Get Auto Coverage 

At Academy West Insurance Services, Inc., we offer a wide range of insurance products for consumers and businesses that provide our customers with the protection they need. Our agency sells auto, home, boat, and commercial insurance policies. Speak to our agents and get a free quote for the coverage you need. 

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