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Commercial Property Insurance Services in Fresno, CA

filing taxCalifornia may be a beautiful place to live and work, boasting relatively mild temperatures year-round and a diverse array of different types of scenery. That doesn’t mean the state is without its problems entirely, though. As recent years have shown, Californians are just as subject to the whims of Mother Nature as anyone, which is why it’s so important to have property insurance in Fresno, CA.

The next time fires, flooding, or other natural disasters are in the forecast, don’t worry about how to pay for all the damage. The right insurance policy can offer the peace of mind required to keep focusing on what’s important: running the business.

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Property Insurance Coverage Options

Business owners know that it’s important to protect all of their assets, including both commercial spaces and all of the physical goods and equipment they contain. The right commercial property insurance policy will do just that. Keep in mind that insurance quotes reflect not just differences in pricing between companies but also differences in policy coverage, so it’s important to know what’s covered and what’s not.

Coverage For Buildings

Major natural disasters aren’t the only things that threaten commercial buildings. An incident as seemingly minor, at least in comparison, as a tree falling on the roof could leave a small business struggling to make ends meet without insurance coverage to pay for the damage. Building coverage also covers damage due to vandalism.

Coverage for Business Goods and Equipment

Not every insurance company is 100% transparent regarding what’s covered under their property insurance policies and what’s not. In most cases, damage to business goods, equipment, and supplies used or stored within the building will be covered under a general business owner’s policy.

Coverage for Inventory

As retailers know, inventory is different from business goods. While the latter is obtained for sale to the public or other business owners, the former can be composed of not just products but also raw materials. If the worst should happen, business owners who run retail stores will want to know that they’ll be covered. In most cases, they’ll need policy add-ons to cover inventory losses due to property damage.

Coverage for Business Income Interruptions

The effects of serious disasters rarely end as soon as the storms are over or the fires are put out. Businesses often experience income interruptions that last for weeks following these kinds of tragic events, which can add yet another level of financial hardship. Insurance coverage for business income interruptions will help business owners make sure that they’ll be able to affordto reopen following weeks of repairs.
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Coverage for Floods

Homeowners may already realize this, but floods are usually excluded as covered causes of loss in California. Protecting commercial properties from losses due to flood damage usually requires purchasing a separate policy or an add-on to a business’s regular property insurance.

Coverage for Electronic Data Processing

Businesses that rely heavily on their computer networks don’t just have natural disasters to worry about. Power surges don’t damage buildings. However, they can cause substantial business losses. Business owners who maintain servers or databases on-site may want to inquire about electronic data processing insurance policies to make sure they’ll be fully protected.

Home-Based Business Insurance

Not all businesses own or lease dedicated commercial spaces. Many successful small businesses get started right at home. Unfortunately, natural disasters, vandalism, and theft aren’t exclusive to strictly commercial properties. Home-based business owners still need protection.

Home-based business insurance isn’t as common as other commercial insurance services, but it’s just as vital to the California economy. Start-up and small business owners need to work with insurance agents that understand how important it is for companies of all sizes to protect themselves against unforeseeable covered losses.

There is a common misconception that small businesses that are run out of homes don’t need insurance. In reality, every business should have policies in place that protect all of their most important assets, whether they’re stored in a company warehouse or a business owner’s garage.

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